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About Cannaday Tree Services
Cannaday Tree Services provide a variety of services for tree repair and removal. During the winter months, they provide snow plowing services. Charles Cannaday began his business in 1978 and has been the owner and manager ever since. It is the largest tree sercive in the Kirksville area, offering tree pruning, trimming, stump grinding and tree removal. With a 60 foot crane, capable of exerting over 25,000 pounds of force, there nothing that cannot be accomplished. We always give free estimates and quotes. Give us a call at (660)342-6669.

Service Done Right
Saftey is their number one concern. They always work in teams of two or more to protect customers. They posess full licensing and have over 1 million dollars invested in insurance. In over 30 years of business, they have never had a single claim made against them. They also take the time to do the job well, leaving property looking like new. 

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Cannaday Tree Service
415 E Pierce St
Kriksville MO 63501


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